Mugabe’s son-in-law Simba Chikore summoned to court

November 23, 2020

Staff Reporter

Simba Chikore, son-in-law to the late ex-president Robert Mugabe, will soon appear at the Harare magistrates’ courts for alleged criminal abuse of office.

Chikore, who  married Bona Mugabe—the former president’s only officially known daughter—in 2014, has been summoned to court to face trial on a crime that he allegedly committed in 2017, just before his father-in-law was ousted with military assistance.

It is alleged that during the time he was Chief Executive Officer at the now defunct Zimbabwe Airways, he allegedly enlisted the services of an established security company, Safeguard, without following proper procedures.

He is alleged to have imposed the company, so no proper tendering was done.

Zimbabwe Airways paid US$16,445 for the services given by Safeguard.  

The ill-fated airline was set up secretively and was at one suspected to be a Mugabe project.

It rented offices from Henrietta Rushwaya who was recently arrested for attempting to smuggle 6kg of gold out of the country and was once accused of fixing international matches when she headed the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA).

While Rushwaya then claimed that the airline had gone through a Harare estate agent, investigations by The Standard, working in partnership with Information for Development Trust (IDT), established that the lease agreement was made on a crony-to-crony basis.

Rushwaya is niece to Jorum Gumbo, the then Transport minister who he has since been moved to the Office of the President and Cabinet following an outcry over alleged corruption involving him at the Zimbabwe National Road Authority (ZINARA).

Gumbo was personally involved in fixing the Zimbabwe Airways deal and once claimed in an available recording that he conducted consultancy for the airline.

In October 2018, Chikore was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the Zimbabwe Airways’ head of legal affairs, Bertha Zakeyo.

He allegedly ordered a security guard at the airline’s offices in Harare to bar Zakeyo from leaving the premises before surrendering a company cellular phone.

Earlier on, Chikore had suspended the lady for allegedly leaking company secrets.

She reportedly stayed inside the premises for two hours against her will after being barred from existing.

It is not clear, though, if the case has been concluded as it has taken long at the courts and nothing has been heard about it in a long time.

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