Grazers is a muckraking investigative news blog focusing on corruption and bad governance in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. It was established out of the realisation that producing and sharing in-depth, evidence-based and well-researched news is critical to enhance transparency and accountability in both the public and private sectors so as to ultimately foster development. Such news and information are essential in motivating corrective policy interventions and legislation. They can also inform relevant advocacy and law enforcement.

The news blog is an offshoot of Information for Development Trust (IDT), a Zimbabwean non-profit outfit promoting access to information on public-private sector governance through media-oriented methods and research. It publishes stories produced by newsroom-based and notable freelance journalists from Zimbabwe and the region, using captivating investigative print, audio and visual story-telling techniques. IDT coordinates the production of the stories, in collaboration with expert journalists and established media houses.

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